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Walking the Camino — 12 Comments

  1. Friend, as you go may the Spirit guide you safely and the Love of the cosmos enter your awareness with each breath, each step. Blessings on this next dimension of your sacred journey.

  2. Buen Camino, Kim. I wish you patience, endurance, faith and humour each step along the Way. May each day’s walk bring you further from yet closer to the person you know yourself to be.

    • I know it won’t be idyllic the whole way so I’m sure I’ll need the patience and endurance along with the time for reflection and enjoyment. Most spiritual growth is born of suffering in some way.

  3. Kim I am so excited for you, and you have outlined my reasons for wanting to make this same trip! I wiss you all that you desire, and will continue to plan my own Camino trip.

    Peace and joy

  4. May every step of your Camino way bring you the answers you seek. I wish you all the best. Anne

  5. Thank you Kim for creating a way for us to share this amazing journey with you. We consider ourselves blessed to have you and Susan as friends.

  6. We met at the 3 Amigo event when we were at the same table sharing experiences and I attended your session re spirituality vs religion. I enjoyed reading your blog. I wonder if your definition of Silence means no talking or no thinking or are they part of the “opposites held in tension (dualism)” as you described in “Who is Kim MacMillan”

    • Hi Joanne. I was looking for your email address as I thought you might enjoy the blog, but I see you found me somehow. I’m delighted. I had to look back at my post to see how I used the word “silence”. I am part of a Centering Prayer group, which seeks a kind of non-thinking silence and I value that as a powerful spiritual practice. If I’m honest, though, I’m pretty undisciplined about practicing it and my “monkey mind” takes over most of the time. One of my hopes for the Camino is that occasionally I might experience a state of “flow” where I’m just in the environment but not thinking about it or processing thoughts or rehearsing the future or rehashing the past. That said, I’m also trying to avoid placing expectations on my Camino journey – to let it be what it will be. It is all paradox, isn’t it?

      • As I thought more about my reply above, I realized that my Camino goal is more one of mindfulness, just paying attention to what is, than it is to silence per se.