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Left and Right: a false dichotomy — 2 Comments

  1. Well written and good thoughts! When I think of left and right, I think of Conservative and NDP, with Liberal falling somewhere in the middle. Your thoughts on NDP’s views re human nature? 🙂

    • For American readers, the NDP is the New Democratic Party, which usually identifies itself as democratic socialist. I was using the word liberal in it’s small “L” sense. I actually see the Liberal Party of Canada as some kind of pragmatic centrist part that occasionally moves right (e.g. Paul Martin’s deficit reduction moves in the 90’s) and sometimes moves left (e.g. instituting various social programs). The NDP is barely socialist any more, I think, so most of what I said about liberals would apply to them, too. Of course there is much more to the picture than I have addressed in my short post. I have not addressed vested interests and who pays to get governments elected.