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Day 28: Holding in Sarria — 2 Comments

  1. Hi susan and Kim–I have been in Denmark, Venice and the UK and returned the end of September and had to do a rush job reading your blog but I have caught up now–finding it very interesting indeed–people like Julie becomes real for us reading about her too. Anyway I just had to comment about Richard Rohr and his message on Jung–I found it so interesting about his words on Art–for I found that as we traveled it was the Art that moved me beyond words–be it Monet’s Exhibition at the National Gallery London, the Terracotta Army in Aarhus Denmark and seeing on stage Tosca in Venice! I found his words so profound I sent it to a friend as well.
    Glad you are reunited with Susan–look forward to your return! Thanks for your blog again–we learn from it…Gratefully Dale ps you know being grateful is becoming the in thing–I have an article I will share with you–am giving Jenny a copy–quite interesting! Dale Johnston

    • Thanks, Dale. It sounds like you had a great trip as well. I’ll look forward to chatting with you when I get back..