Who is Kim MacMillan? Wow, what a task to sum that up in a nutshell? At 70 years of age I’m still trying to work it out. I was a lot more sure when I was 17.

People conventionally call people like me retired because I’m no longer working a paying job, but you couldn’t tell that from the amount of leisure time I leave myself. There are far too many things I want to do to sit around or even “play” as much as I might like. Take this blog, for instance. I don’t need one more task to keep me sitting in front of this computer, but it’s something I’m feeling called to do.  (Read my first post for more about why I’m starting this blog.)

So as I said, I’m retired and have been since 2008. My last job, and by far my favorite, was with the United Church of Canada under the title of Conference Minister. I’m a lay person, not an ordained minister, and the word Conference means that I worked for the provincial body of the church (the Conference). My actual responsibilities were to serve the two smaller (but geographically large) regional bodies known as presbyteries that fill up the southern interior of British Columbia. I was part educator, part animateur (that is, one who animates others into action), resource person, personnel officer, administrator and conflict manager). Wherever there was trouble, you would find me (not as the source, I hope). But I was blessed to work with and for a marvelous bunch of beautiful, imperfect human beings doing their best to make a better world and respond compassionately to those in it.

In previous parts of my checkered career I have been a school teacher (not for long), a church youth worker, a social worker, an addictions counsellor and for eleven years a marriage and family counselor and organizational consultant.

But I suppose  the more important things about who I am have to do with the important people in my life. I live with my wife, Susan, whom I love dearly. I have two sons, currently 45 and 31, of whom I am proud, and I have two charming grandchildren. I have many fine friends and a church community that has surrounded me with love for 41 years and which feeds my soul, even if it frustrates me sometimes.

There are some things that I am passionate about. You will discover that if you read the posts. But perhaps you want to know a little more before you decide to read further. Here are a few of them:

  • I have been a seeker of wisdom all my life. Though I have also been a part of the United Church of Canada all my life, my explorations have never been contained within Christianity alone or the church alone as vehicles for spiritual growth. I seek truth wherever it may be found.
  • I am a synthesizer, meaning that when I encounter two ideas or even facts that seem to contradict each other, I actively look for a way of understanding in which both could be true, or at least partly true. I believe that the most profound truths are discovered when seeming opposites (dualities) are held in tension.
  • I am passionate about helping individuals, families and organizations to live life more fully, to be all that they can be.
  • I am optimistic to a fault. I look for the possibilities, for the potential, in even the worst of circumstances (and people). This doesn’t mean I can’t look at the dark side, I often do, but I don’t live there much. I often ponder the nature of evil and how ordinary human beings can be capable of horrendous deeds.
  • I am passionate about learning to live a deeply spiritual life, in harmony with the divine, with deeper reality, living with integrity and compassion.
  • I desire to leave the world a better place than I found it.

That’s probably enough for now. The rest you’ll figure out for yourself if you read my blog. I’ll be encouraged if you respond with your own comments.

Kim Photo Kim MacMillan